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About us


CEDICI is a streetwear brand that launched in August 2019. The idea behind the name origins from the Italian number «Sedici», which means sixteen. We simply changed the «S» to a «C» because of the first name of our Founder and Creative Director Christian Fassnacht and the second letter. “E” resembles the first letter of our Founder and Creative Director Eric Arekhandia. The whole collection was designed by Christian and Eric.

In the beginning, the idea started off with a dream, the dream of creating something that lasts forever. CEDICI is more than a brands name, it stands for being together no matter where you are coming from. It is a lifestyle and a feeling, to be humble yet ambicious. Be the designer of your life. Be remembered.

Leave your mark!


Everybody needs a reason to keep going, it doesn’t matter what it is just make sure it keeps your mind sharp and your heart beating. Our reason is that moment whenever someone is rocking CEDICI out there.

We are all about familiy, so be a part of our familiy, a part of our journey.

CEDICI represents our lifestyle, what we wear, what we do and who we are.